New 1st Watch SPD Officer!

This morning I had the pleasure of meeting with Officer Mike McDonald our new SPD district officer. We discussed about our Magnolia Patrol Association and the needs of our community especially property crimes and our expectations as a community.

He came to us from the Q3 sector in the lower Queen Anne area and is very familiar with our Magnolia area, since he was the back up unit to our previous officer for the past 5 years. Our previous officer who retired due to a OPA Complaint from a resident who voiced her concern on a incident a few months ago on

You will not see Officer McDonald at Starbucks unless it is work related or getting information from a community leader or residents about the hot spots of crime in Magnolia. He is very pro-active and he will be out patrolling and giving out tickets especially in the school zone at Blaine on 32nd Ave W. and on 34th Ave W. This is fair warning when school starts to other residents driving your kids to school.

I will be meeting with very often to coordinate our efforts with the Magnolia Patrol and Block Watches.

So far we have been receiving emails and praise from residents about Officer McDonald since being assigned to Magnolia in a very short time as our district officer. Please give him a warm welcome to our community.

You will only be able to email him or call 911 while he is on duty. His email is Please email him if there are any issues you may have in your neighborhood or contact me and I will pass it on during our meetings with him.

Also, I will be updating our contributors and donators on the current status of Magnolia Patrol and efforts that we have done the past 90 days.

We are also planning a community meeting this month and will be sending out the meeting date very soon.

Best Regards,

Joe Villarino
Executive Director
Magnolia Patrol

Ph: 206.414.9314


Support Staff

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