Reminder – Advisory/Volunteer Meeting Tomorrow


This is just a reminder that the advisory and volunteer meeting will be tomorrow at 6pm at the Magnolia United Church of Christ 3555 W. McGraw St. on the lower level of the church which is called the parlor.

Please bring your ideas to this meeting. I want to thank everybody who have sent email of encouragement, suggestions and ideas for our advisory board. Since there is a lot of interest in the advisory board and to include volunteers the idea of having one board with this large of a group needs to be expanded. I feel that to better serve the community and having each one of us in participating with this program I would like hear your thoughts on this proposal. There will be two structured boards.

1. The Executive Board – this body will handle and oversee the operations of the non-profit organization.

  • CEO – need
  • FCO/books – need
  • Attorney – need
  • Media – need
  • Volunteer Coordinator – need
  • Advisory Board Leader – need
  • Security Lead – need

2. The Advisory Board – this body will sit and kick ideas around to debate policy, suggest ideas, be part of the eyes and ears out in the community. The Advisory Board will meet with the public and can make comments and present suggestions. This is a great platform of ideas and public input. Here are some examples of committees.

  • Publicity Committee
  • Security Committee
  • Safety Committee
  • Church Committee
  • School Committee
  • Business Committee
  • Local Beat Officer Committee

Now, this is not set in stone and I would love to get your input or suggestions on insuring that we as a community are involved with the safety of our neighborhood. If you look under the ‘Community’ page you will see that I included, and the Seattle Neighborhood Block Watch because these program is also important to be involved with in our community.

I want to thank those individuals who have already sent comments and suggestions for the advisory board. Our email list of interested people has grown above my expectations and I have received many encouragement from the other patrol association in the city. Our numbers are well over 150 people who showed interest in subscribing to the program. This list is continuing to grow on a daily basis which I thank the people who are spreading the word.

I will be sending out a survey soon so please fill out the information and submit it to us so the advisory board can take your comments and ideas to work.

Please don’t send any money as of yet until we have established and have our bylaws and financial structure in place. Once you see a subscription link then that will be the time to send your money. Please be patient with us and we will soon have an active patrol in Magnolia. The goal is to have this program by May 1st or sooner. I will keep you updated in every level that we accomplish in making this program a reality.

Also, spread the word, talk to your neighbors, business owners, schools and churches of our new community patrol program.

By the way, I do need someone who is a good note taker for the minutes of the meeting tomorrow night. Please let me know and send me a quick email at

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or the board by email at

Thank you again for your support.

Joe Villarino

MPA Organizer


Support Staff

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