Starting Patrols on December 4th!

To Magnolia Patrol Association Contributors:

The Magnolia Patrol Association (MPA) was founded in February 2015. The goal of the association has been to increase the security of the Magnolia community and lessen the opportunity for property crimes through the presence of security patrols, surveillance and reporting.

The activation of security patrols has been delayed but a great deal of behind-the-scenes work has been accomplished since our first community meeting. The MPA Board of Directors and Advisory Council have donated hundreds of hours to ensure a considered, researched and well-planned launch of our neighborhood security patrol. Our objective was not to just “get started” but to begin a patrol strategy that would ensure success and longevity. Board members researched other neighborhood patrol procedures and practices, sought legal advice, interviewed independent patrol companies and consulted with representatives of the Seattle Police Department.

MPA understands that the need for extra security is more timely than ever. Magnolia residents are ready to take back our neighborhood with MPA’s help!

Your contributions have afforded MPA with the funds necessary to hire Central Protection ( These private security professionals will begin patrolling the Magnolia community on December 4th. The patrol cars will be easily identifiable; white and blue Hummers with the “Central Protection – Unarmed” emblem on the side of the vehicle. Each patrol employee will wear a dark blue uniform. MPA has contracted with CP for four to seven hour patrol shifts (random) for four to six days per week. CP will be informed about “hot spots” in our community. If suspicious activity is observed CP will immediately: contact 911, and maintain visual surveillance of the perpetrator until Seattle Police arrive at the scene.

The executive director of MPA will be “on duty” when CP is working in our community and will oversee the patrol activities. Magnolia residents are urged to first call 911 for any suspicious activity. A secondary call to report this suspicious activity can be made to 206-693-0633. An after-action activity report will be available to any contributor after a patrol shift is complete.

The MPA Board of Directors and Advisory Council thank you for your patience during the formation and organization of MPA. Please contact MPA with any questions, comments or concerns.

Thank you,

Christian Binkley
Magnolia Patrol

Support Staff

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